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Xavera Rehme

Sr. Xavera Rehme Ordensschwester Xavera REHME, Schwester in der Kongregation der Franziskanerinnen vom Hl. Märtyrer St. Georg Thuine. * 27.9.1889 in Ostercappeln-Haaren, † 5.10.1982 in Japan. Sr. Xavera ging 1920 als Missionarin nach Sapporo, Japan, um sich der Erziehung junger Mädchen zu widmen. 1925 gründete sie mit Bischof Wenzeslaus Kinold die Sapporo Fuji Girls High School, die bis heute existiert. Der Hof Rehme wird heute noch in Haaren von Nachfahren ihres Bruders geführt.




Asahikawa Fuji Girls' High School (Fuji HS) was established in 1953 as a Catholic mission school by Sister Xavera Rehme of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Francis, based in Thuine, Hanover, Germany. The school's motto is: Faith, Humility, and Purity.

A private senior high school, Fuji has at present (Aug. 2015) 257 students, with a full-time teaching staff of 29 teachers. The school is affiliated with high schools in Sapporo and Kitami, and with Fuji Women's College in Sapporo.



Before entering Fuji, students choose one of three study courses: the Universal Learning (UL) Course, the College Preparatory Course, or the General Course.


The Universal Learning Course

The UL Course was established in 2000, and is in its 16th year. The class which started in April 2015 consists of 29 students, the 2014 class has 19 students. The course is designed for students who want to enter national or private universities to study liberal arts, or study abroad after graduation. The curriculum includes: Japanese / English & EFL / math / science / geography / world and Japanese history / home economics / P. E. / fine arts / religion / volunteer activities. (The EFL classes during Year 1 specifically aim to prepare UL Course students for studying in an English language environment)


In their first year at Fuji HS, all UL Course students go overseas from January to April, a period of 11 weeks, to study at a pre-selected NZ high school. Fuji HS has connections with 13 high schools in or near Christchurch, such as Villa Maria College, Papanui High School, and Rangiora High School.


These schools have been chosen as partner schools for three important reasons:

- All schools have excellent International Student Programs. All programs are government-approved, and include students from various countries, e.g., China, Brazil, Korea, and Indonesia

- All schools take great care to ensure the welfare of their international students inside as well as outside school. This includes finding suitable homestays with local families for all students

- All schools have a good reputation in the local community.

(Quelle: Biograph.-bibliograph. Kirchenlexikon)



The first three Sisters arrived in Sapporo, Japan, from Germany. They were Sr. M. Jeanne Berchmans Salomon, Sr. M. Xavera Rehme, and Sr. M. Candida von der Haar.


Opening of the Fuji Girls’ High School (5-years)


Opening of the Kindergarten in Otaru


Opening of the Kindergarten in Sapporo


Opening of the Fuji Women’s Technical College (3-years)


According to a change in the School System of Japan, Fuji Girls’ High School was reestablished to Fuji Girls’ Junior High School and Senior High School (altogether 6-years).


Fuji Women’s Technical College was reestablished to Fuji Women’s Junior College (2- years).


Opening of Hakodate Fuji Kindergarten


Opening of Asahikawa Fuji Girls’ High School


Opening of Asahikawa Fuji Kidergarten and Aomori Fuji Kindergarten


Opening of Kitami Fuji Girls’ High School


Opening of Fuji Women’s College (4-years)


Opening of Tomakomai Fuji Kindergarten


Opening of Soka Fuji Kindergarten


Completion of Fuji Seminar House in Hanakawa, Ishikari


Opening of Hanakawa Campus of Fuji Women’s College


Fuji Women’s Junior College was reestablished to be integrated to Fuji Women’s College.


Opening of the Graduate School of Fuji Women’s University


Completion of the Kinold Memorial House